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Structured Cabling Solutions

CSS Integrated Approach

Over the past two and a half decades CSS has built up vast experience in delivering Structured Cabling Solutions to suit a variety of customer needs from local Small to Medium Enterprises to many of the Global top 500 companies.
In partnership with market leading suppliers and utilizing best of breed products, our Structured Cabling Solutions 'SCS' offer full integration for a single mixed-media network that handles all information traffic - Voice, Data, Video, even large complex, Security Access and Building Management Systems.
As an authorized SYSTIMAX® System Integrator in Russia since 1994, CSS holds a leading position as one of the top companies based on the number of certified installations in the market, with the long list of satisfied customers, such as Sheremetyevo Airport Terminals B-F, Credit Suisse Bank, NOMOS bank, Abbott, Deloitte, Shell and many more.
All our certified installations are backed by 20-year Product Warranties by SYSTIMAX®, which include materials, labor and applications. Our specialists have passed all necessary SYSTIMAX® certified training.
CSS Structured Cabling Solutions - In delivering multiple benefits to our clients, CSS can provide the foundation to create a prime, high-tech office environment - Management control, flexibility and scalability. Maintenance is simpler, operating costs are lower - Major projects or office changes that once took days or weeks can be done in hours, often in minutes.
CSS Data Center Solutions - To meet the requirements of a modern day Data Center, in partnership with CommScope® CSS have deployed Intelligent Data Center Solutions that offer real-time efficiencies, positively impacting network security, IT productivity that ultimately underpins business success. By implementing these intelligent solutions, enterprises can increase network uptime, improve infrastructure management and monitor network connections, allowing enterprises to more efficiently manage and safeguard their most valuable asset-information.

CSS Intelligent Building Solutions - "Information technology" deployed and maintained in business today extends further than client, back-office and communications. CSS has the know-how and experience to assist in the further integration of Building Automation Systems (BAS), such as security (surveillance and access control), Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC), and Fire/Life/Safety (FLS) as they transition from electro/ mechanical and pneumatic technology to microprocessor based software driven systems.
A newer aspect to enterprise networking is the introduction of mobility. Wireless LANs (WLANs) have become popular not only for residential use but also in the enterprise. A WLAN provides flexibility and improves the productivity of the workforce. CSS can assist in the integration of WLANs including the additional requirements on network and security planning.
The target life cycle of an average cabling installation is up to 20 years (The ISO/IEC IS 11801 cabling standard for customer premises, states that a cabling system is anticipated to have a usable life in excess of 10 years). Over this time, several generations of networking hardware and software will be installed, and network throughput requirements will certainly increase, as will the importance of reliability and Security.
Standards-based cabling and saturated wiring are central elements in structured cabling, an approach pioneered by SYSTIMAX® Solutions, from CommScope. This uses an open system approach, supporting major proprietary and nonproprietary standards and protocols. SYSTIMAX SolutionsTM uses balanced UTP and optical fiber cabling deployed in a star topology and terminated with standard outlets. Use of standards-based structured cabling, forming a modular network, makes it easy to extend or change a system with minimum disruption to users. In high growth companies, structured cabling allows smooth, controlled expansion, with addition of new equipment and cable runs at reduced incremental cost.
A useful Guide to networks and connectivity intended for those who need to know about communications infrastructure as part of their work, but who are not necessarily specialists in this subject.
IT INFRASTRUCTURE: Successful cooperation for providing IT services to Global Serve company continues. Works are going on infrastructure projects for Nikamed, Greif and DHL companies.CABLING SYSTEMS: Large automobile sales centres IT network modernization across Russia continues. Works completed for SCS installation in new office of Shell company in Moscow. Works continuation for network expansion at in all Moscow IKEA and also Utkonos retail shops and for Pepsico and DHL.SECURITY SYSTEMS: Works are going on for Security systems maintenance in BP Russia, LG and in Cleary Gottlieb offices and also in BC "Prokon".  OUTSOURCING: Shell, LG, Sakhalin Energy, Zoetis, Aliexpress, Syngenta companies with total number of more than 15 000 users. Contracts with  Sharp and Atrdius are in progress at Delta Plaza BC.

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