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CSS Corporate Security Systems Department
CSS Corporate Security Systems Department
Оur Corporate Security Systems Department (CSSD) was established in 2004 to meet expanding business requirements and the unique challenges presented across the Russian market.
With risk and demand driving ever-increasing complexity, the need for quality, standardization and integration between the security system's miscellaneous components (known as integrated security systems - ISS) had become something of a "business imperative”.
In 2015 began a new stage in the development of CSSD in connection with the growing interest of corporate customers to the integrated solutions in the field of security systems, including the use of IP-based data channels between the territorial units and the introduction of uniform management systems in remote offices. Created Department for maintenance and service installed systems to enterprise customers to fully cover the needs of our customers. When choosing a service company not in last place for the Customer are both common universal solutions and common approach to service of the communication system complex and the intelligent systems, leading to the convergence of IT-infrastructure and integrated security systems. This helps to reduce maintenance costs for large customers.

CSSD has responded to this challenge by working with our clients and best of breed suppliers to develop solutions that unify the various component elements:

-    Access control systems (ACS) – Apollo, Aritech, Bolid, Gate, Elsys, Parsec, Smartec;
-    Intrusion detection and fire alarm systems – Ademco, Bolid, Esser, Honeywell, Streletz, Stels (Mirazh-GSM);
-    Video surveillance (CCTV) – Axis, Apix (Evidence), Novus;
-    Boom barriers and turnstiles - Came, Kaba, Nice, Perco;
-    Integrated solutions for unified management platform of buildings safety systems (equipment and components for data networks, hardware);
-    Software and hardware platforms for integrated security systems.

In addition to this CSSD has adopted a consultative approach to ensure convenience, relevance and integration not only within the various security system elements but also with our clients Information Technologies and Corporate infrastructure.

CSSD solutions can be tailored or packaged to meet your specific requirements and budget.

1. Premium Level Solution - Based on innovative and advanced quality products manufactured by General Electric and CISCO - world leaders in security technologies; main advantages as follows:
Reliability and multi-level fault-resistant redundancy;
Integrity and wide functionality;
Modular design, scalability; easy expansion;
Distributed architecture with remote access and maintenance ability (IP-solutions and hybrid solutions with support for RS-232, RS-485, RS-422 interfaces);
User-friendly interface;
Unified approach to service and maintenance;
Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and many others.

2. Standard solution - Built of reliable and approved security components made in Russia, Israel and Asia, meeting the following customer requirements:
Inexpensive and reliable solution providing basic functionality;
No necessity to get integrity between CCTV and access control;
Integration options of small branches and remote objects (see Integrated solutions);
No necessity to get fault-resistant tolerance;
One-point system management;
Unified approach to service and maintenance;
Low TCO.

3. Integrated (combined) Solutions - In some cases, our Customers have specific requirements to combine various existing systems or add some additional systems to existing security facilities. For example, adding IP cameras to an existing analog CCTV system or adding new controllers incompatible with the old ones to the old ACS system, which was discontinued. In such cases, the solution is never simple. But there are software shells (Bastion-2, ITV, Itrium, Lyrix), which allow to mix the new and old equipment successfully within one logical and technological structure. There are few examples also of integration where is wide net of security systems equipment consolidating within a single dispatch center (central monitoring station, control center).Such solutions make it much easier to monitor remote objects (apartments, houses, offices, garages) using a single monitoring and management tool, which simplifies maintenance and automates the accounting of faults and the processing of requests for repairs. The joint work of CSSD and the Customer is guaranteed to ensure that the provided solution will be carefully adapted and meet all the requirements of the Customer.

4. Maintenance and Support Service - Ensures the integrity and functionality of security systems during the warranty period as well as after it expires. CSSD offers services that are based on a "time bank" concept with/without the supply of "hot-spare" equipment for "hot" replacement. Our clients have access to the following services for the maintenance and technical service:
regular support with service under the contract, or one-time maintenance for the contract period, "emergency repairs", single bids for the repair with "multistage" level of response, free remote consulting and warranty service during the whole  support period. *

* - Subject to the implementation of the project or system installation with CSS.

Since 2004 CSSD successfully performed a numerous installations of integrated security systems for our customers, the most well-known amongst them are:
DELOITTE Moscow (sites: Mokhovaya, Romanov Dvor II, Baker Plaza, White Square)
DELOITTE St. Petersburg
DUPONT (site: Krylatskie Holmy)
GE DELTA Bank (Moscow)
JOHNSON & JOHNSON (sites: Krylatskie Holmy and Ivana Franko)
LG ELECTRONICS (site: Lesnaya)
NIKON Russia (BC Delta-Plaza)
CLEARY GOTTLIEB (site: Paveletskaya Plaza)

IT INFRASTRUCTURE: Successful cooperation for providing IT services to Global Serve company continues. Works are going on infrastructure projects for Nikamed, Greif and DHL companies.CABLING SYSTEMS: Large automobile sales centres IT network modernization across Russia continues. Works completed for SCS installation in new office of Shell company in Moscow. Works continuation for network expansion at in all Moscow IKEA and also Utkonos retail shops and for Pepsico and DHL.SECURITY SYSTEMS: Works are going on for Security systems maintenance in BP Russia, LG and in Cleary Gottlieb offices and also in BC "Prokon".  OUTSOURCING: Shell, LG, Sakhalin Energy, Zoetis, Aliexpress, Syngenta companies with total number of more than 15 000 users. Contracts with  Sharp and Atrdius are in progress at Delta Plaza BC.

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