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Managed Services Solutions

Off-site Support

Off-site Support is a set of services that includes remote support, testing services, warranty/non-warranty maintenance and repair of IT equipment, Disaster Recovery services. CSS can dispatch an engineer based upon prior arrangements or the user can physically transport equipment to our regional repair centre.

List of proposed services:
  • Remote administration
  • End-user remote consultancy and technical support
  • Tape Handling management
  • IT hardware/software test
  • IT hardware/software database maintain
  • Warranty Management
  • Disaster Recovery & BCP (Business Continuity Planning)

    IT INFRASTRUCTURE: Successful cooperation for providing IT services to Global Serve company continues. Works are going on infrastructure projects for Nikamed, Greif and DHL companies.CABLING SYSTEMS: Large automobile sales centres IT network modernization across Russia continues. Works completed for SCS installation in new office of Shell company in Moscow. Works continuation for network expansion at in all Moscow IKEA and also Utkonos retail shops and for Pepsico and DHL.SECURITY SYSTEMS: Works are going on for Security systems maintenance in BP Russia, LG and in Cleary Gottlieb offices and also in BC "Prokon".  OUTSOURCING: Shell, LG, Sakhalin Energy, Zoetis, Aliexpress, Syngenta companies with total number of more than 15 000 users. Contracts with  Sharp and Atrdius are in progress at Delta Plaza BC.

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