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As building owners, facility managers and tenants fully understand the impact modern technology will have on their business operations now and into the future, they will also realize the benefits of network integration of these various systems, devices and applications within their buildings or campuses. Rapid advances in technology and the emergence of enterprise distributed computing platforms created the need to integrate IT systems. This integration of applications required a single, low voltage cable distribution infrastructure. Information technology in buildings does not refer only to PCs and telephones, but also Building Automation Systems (BAS), such as security (surveillance and access control), Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC), and Fire/Life/Safety (FLS) as they transition from electro/ mechanical and pneumatic technology to microprocessor based software driven systems. Most manufacturers of major building automation systems offer computer based, software driven systems, based on distributed processing architectures. These systems are required to interface with other building automation systems and devices, and also to interface with voice, data, LAN and video systems located within a building or campus. The ongoing protocol standardization, the new cabling infrastructure standard - EIA/TIA 862, new technology developments, and announcements from building automation industry leaders demonstrate the need for common protocols and interfaces for building automation systems, and requirements for structured cabling solutions to provide integrated networking and connectivity over Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) and fiber optic cabling. Many building systems are already automated or are moving rapidly in that direction. The major constraint to the development of the Intelligent Building has been the inability of devices made by different manufacturers to communicate with each other and other sophisticated office automation systems found in any modern facility. Programmable logic controllers (PLC), thermostats, direct digital controllers (DDC), programmable light controls and sophisticated FLS systems require a common wiring platform to communicate and network with each other in the near future.
CommScope has been a major player in the Intelligent Building infrastructure market since its beginning, dating back to the mid 1980s, providing solutions to connect a building's many low voltage systems for maximum performance.
CommScope Intelligent Building Infrastructure Solutions (IBIS) is the common infrastructure that supports of the following customer requirements:
  • One system for voice, data, video and building automation
  • Faster Building Automation Systems (BAS) implementations
  • Reduced costs (initial and ongoing) via enhanced network efficiency Greater ROI and building lifecycle management
  • Better utilization of building cabling asset
  • Commitment for long term support
  • Compliance with all existing building cabling standards
  • Global network of sales, marketing and support for multinational organizations of their corporate cabling platform
  • 20 year Application Assurance
  • Open architecture, multi-vendor support of voice, data, video, LAN and building automation systems and applications
  • Expertise of CommScope Labs Research and Development
  • Innovative cable management administration via solutions such as iPatch, and VisiPatch.

IBIS Brochure
IT INFRASTRUCTURE: Successful cooperation for providing IT services to Global Serve company continues. Works are going on infrastructure projects for Nikamed, Greif and DHL companies.CABLING SYSTEMS: Large automobile sales centres IT network modernization across Russia continues. Works completed for SCS installation in new office of Shell company in Moscow. Works continuation for network expansion at in all Moscow IKEA and also Utkonos retail shops and for Pepsico and DHL.SECURITY SYSTEMS: Works are going on for Security systems maintenance in BP Russia, LG and in Cleary Gottlieb offices and also in BC "Prokon".  OUTSOURCING: Shell, LG, Sakhalin Energy, Zoetis, Aliexpress, Syngenta companies with total number of more than 15 000 users. Contracts with  Sharp and Atrdius are in progress at Delta Plaza BC.

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