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Standard solution

Described below is the project, implemented by CSS in an office center. The drawing schematically presents the complex of technical security means.

The complex consists of access control and video surveillance systems. Fire emergency signal from landlord is connected to the hardware of complex opening the doors in case of employees’ fire evacuation from the building.

  The Russian access control system Parsec is based on ParsecNet3  software. The software hasn’t limits nor by controllers amount (PNSoft-Max version), nor by card/identifiers amount. Maximum number of cards in autonomic device memory – 100K (model 100K-IP). There are few optional charged licenses that let to support additional remote consoles, system programming (automatic scheduling), Checkpoint console with photo verification, work time accounting, integration with external Fire alarm, Intrusion alarm or Video surveillance systems.
  The server is connected via Ethernet with IP-controllers ( (2000- IP, 8000- IP, 32K- IP, 100K- IP) controllers designed for 1 door/access point. In some cases, it’s expedient a mixed variant of connecting with controllers equipped with an RS-485 interface (2000, 8000) through the USB adapter or by Ethernet.

  Each door/access point that’s included in the access control system use to be equipped with proximity - readers for entrance and exit (a card format - to Customers choice) or only for entrance, which gives an access rights differing and allows to implement the function of staff time accounting.

  There is an integration with biometric access control system ZKTeco by Wiegand protocol and remote configuring.

  The most critical access points are in the field of view of CCTV cameras. Video surveillance cameras are powered by redundant power supplies and equipped with infrared leds required in a case of the main office lighting shutoff.

  Special attention while building the security complex was paid to the reliability of its component systems and their resilience. All the controllers are equipped with battery for power supply backup that eliminates the failure of doors’ functioning in the absence of communication between the server and controllers.

  As video surveillance systems, you can select five manufacturers who are integrated into the software Parsec: Goalcity, ITV, LTV, Macroscop, Trassir.

   Or you can use the free integration of IP cameras directly into the Parsec ACS to get a "live picture" and save frames by system events.

  Structure plot of Standard Solution
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