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Broadly defined, a data center is a room or network of rooms that houses the interconnected data processing, storage and communications assets of one or more enterprises. The data center may be a room within a building or occupy an entire building on its own. The purpose of the data center is to house data assets in an environment that meets their needs for power, HVAC, telecommunications, redundancy and security. These assets include rack or cabinet-mounted active equipment and a structured cabling system to interconnect them.
Whether supporting the needs of a single company or thousands of different clients, Data Centers are essential to the flow, processing and storage of business-critical information. Today's Data Center must deliver a defined set of services to users on demand, with little to no interruption and is expected to be able to react to any known or unknown threat without any downtime. As such, the Data Center must be extremely reliable and secure today, yet still have the capacity to cost-effectively accommodate the growth and reconfiguration that may be needed tomorrow. In support of the use of increasingly complex applications such as grid computing, content delivery, e-commerce and data backup, the need for scalable infrastructures, power and cooling, and higher bandwidth continue to grow-intensifying the demand for better connectivity solutions in the Data Center.
Designing a Data Center takes several factors into account beyond the size and amount of the data processing / storage equipment it should contain. Will the Data Center in question serve a single customer (an enterprise Data Center), or will it host multiple service providers or remote users (a hosting or co-located Data Center)? If it is a hosting Data Center, will equipment from different businesses or providers share or be co-located in the same space? Will the equipment need to be physically segregated for security purposes? Telecommunications access, power, cooling, network infrastructure and security all interact to provide the level of uptime the enterprise requires for effective operation. Operational strategy involves unique Data Center design considerations, but also reliable and rapid fault detection, resolution and overall support. Determining a Data Center's business purpose, physical location, access to power, level of redundancy, amount of cooling, strictness of security and type of network infrastructure media are only the beginning of a Data Center's successful installation or enlargement-but reliability is the overriding concern in Data Center planning. For further technical information please see the SYSTIMAX® Solutions Data Center Planning Guide developed by the specialists to facilitate the process of the Data Center designing.
Data center designs must allow for:
  • Operational reliability
  • Quick changes, including additions and rapid expansion
  • Online monitoring and status
  • Life cycle management
  • Customer access
  • Physical security
  • Rapid detection, identification and resolution of faults.
To meet these requirements, CommScope® has engineered Intelligent Data Center Solutions that offer real-time efficiencies, positively impacting network security, IT productivity and, ultimately, business success. By implementing these intelligent solutions, enterprises can increase network uptime, improve infrastructure management and monitor network connections, allowing enterprises to more efficiently manage and safeguard their most valuable asset-information.
Data Center Planning Guide
Data Center Solution Guide
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