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Security Systems Solutions

Maintenance & Support Service

Our Integrated Security Systems solutions are based on advanced and technically complex hardware and software, which in turn necessitates technical support and periodic maintenance of the complexes by experienced and qualified specialists.

Currently we offer three options of the service package:

1-st option: Term contract for maintenance and support with a fixed value during the term of its action (normally 1 year). The principle "All inclusive" is in action, which involves the removal of the problem by and at the expense of the service provider, regardless of its causes: a software failure, equipment failure etc., as well as the implementation of preventive maintenance for proactive detection of potential vulnerabilities in the customer's Security System. Furthermore, it includes the customer company employees' training of system management and administration skills. Additionally the SLA (Service Level Agreement) is ratified, which records the Terms of services: response time, the time required for the identification and subsequent solving of the problems; terms of services in overtime and several other parameters that have direct impact on the service and support quality.

2-nd option: A contract with a fixed service time bank. In this case, the customer gets a fixed number of man-hours of service support with a predetermined 1 man-hour cost. Write-off of the bank time will be made upon the provision of services based on service reports, which allows the customer to track the expenses for a particular service as closely as possible  Similarly to the "All Inclusive" agreement, the set of services, SLA, etc. are indicated. Undoubted advantage of a contract based on the Time Bank is the possibility of its automatic renewal in case of early spending of the Time Bank time by purchasing the additional man-hours, or if the originally purchased man-hours were not spent during the term of contract (normally 1 year) for one reason or another.

3-d option: A contract with one-time maintenance upon request with a regular service maintenance 2 times per year. The cost of the man-hour and the engineer's visit is stipulated in advance in the service contract. For each object, a leading service engineer is assigned, which can be changed only for the duration of his leave (disorder) with a partial translation of the functions to his deputy. Similarly to the All inclusive agreement, a set of services, SLA, etc., is specified.

In any of those options, list of executed work is being recorded in the faults and maintenance journal. A sample of the journal can be found here.

Regulations for service maintenance: terms and description of the works for SM-1 and SM-2.

For more information on the conditions of technical support and service provision, please contact our Security Systems Department representatives or by e-mail
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