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SYSTIMAX® GigaSPEED® X10D UTP and FTP Solution
As you probably know, improving network performance is simply a matter of moving the bottlenecks around. Right now, your network's bottleneck may not be inadequate bandwidth. It may be underpowered servers, or out of date workstations.
However, it is no secret that you are under constant pressure to offer more services, to more users, while coping with new applications and technologies.
In addition, you are asked to minimize the risk of downtime and failure, or rather maximize uptime, while lowering costs.
You need to build in tolerance, installing high-performance, high-quality systems, while protecting against uncertain future developments in technologies, products, and applications that may require major (and costly) upgrades. This risk is managed only through a careful selection of systems with reliability, scalability and the future in mind.
This is particularly true for the cabling infrastructure. Consider that cabling solution you have deployed running out of capacity in the next five years.
Why? Because:
  • Today's server will be tomorrow's desktop
  • Every five years you can add a zero to your current Ethernet data rate
  • Cost of bandwidth is dropping faster than packets on a poorly designed network
  • Processing power will continue to double every 18 - 24 months while cost declines
  • Terabytes of data moving and stored on today's networks will triple over the next five years
  • High-performance computing, multi-site collaboration, and real time streaming media will choke today's network infrastructure over the next five years.

    Growth in Bandwidth
    Current trends show the migration of LAN speeds from 100 Mb/s (100BASE-TX) today towards 1000 Mb/s (1000BASE-T) is already well under way. In particular, as the density and processing power of computer devices located in data centers and enterprise networks increases, so will the demand for higher speeds at data aggregation points. Additionally, there is an increasing demand for high-performance structured cabling solutions to support bandwidth intensive applications such as real time multi-media presentations, data base access and storage, CAD/CAM, and convergence of voice data and video. As computer density and bandwidth requirements increase, we expect the demand for a cost effective 10 Gigabit structured cabling solution utilizing twisted pair copper technology to grow.
    Likewise, in today's high-bandwidth computing environments it is not unusual to find multiple applications running in the foreground such as: Word Processing, Electronic Mail, Imaging, Instant Messaging Applications, Media Player, Streaming Media, Videoconferencing, and VoIP. Background tasks such as virus scanning, software updates, system monitoring, encryption, compression and proactive information organization are creating an additional drain on bandwidth that is not easily detected by the end-user.  Another driver of higher data speeds are Data Centers (employing Storage Area Networks) that first emerged on the scene as a result of the Internet boom and the increased demand for web hosting.
    Subsequently, further growth in Data Centers was stimulated by security and business continuity concerns based on the increasing awareness of potential internal and external threats. More enterprises today realize the necessity to have secure and easily accessible data storage facilities in order to protect their business, and strategies range from redundant in-house infrastructure to off-site data storage.
    10 Gigabit Copper Technology
    To satisfy the growing requirement for adequate network bandwidth, the IEEE 802.3an Task Force developed 10GBASE-T, the 10 Gigabit Ethernet standard for copper twisted pair cabling. Due to the complexity of electronics to support 10GBASE-T, the initial objective to develop a standard to support Category 5e cabling was dropped, and the exact maximum distance over compliant Category 6 cabling remains uncertain. Cabling standards bodies have developed informative documents for the installed base of Category 6/Class E or higher performance cabling (TR24750 by ISO/IEC, TR 50173-99-1 by CENELEC and TSB-155 by TIA), that are intended to provide guidelines to verify support for 10GBASE-T. These guidelines include a number of mitigation procedures that range from unbundling of cables to replacement of various components in order to minimize crosstalk from adjacent channels and improve high frequency performance. A maximum distance of 37 meters may be achievable in some cases, and may require mitigation steps.
    In anticipation of these limitations, cabling standards bodies have rapidly developed the new ISO/IEC 11801 Class EA and ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 Category 6A specifications that will guarantee 100 meter support for new installations. The 10GBASE-T standard refers to the Category 6A/Class EA channel specifications, which applies to both UTP and FTP/STP cabling. In addition to detailed characterization up to 500 MHz of cabling channel parameters such as Insertion Loss, Crosstalk and Return Loss, a critical electrical parameter known as Alien Crosstalk has been added to the list of channel design specifications. Alien Crosstalk is the undesired coupling noise from adjacent cables and connectors into a given cable or connecting device in close proximity. The IEEE 802.3an 10GBASE-T specification, and the new cabling standards, will accelerate the migration to 10-gigabit capable infrastructures, with the Category 6A/Class EA cabling specifications offering the assurance of performance that exceed the requirements of the IEEE standard. Breakthrough crosstalk performance, improvement in Insertion Loss, extrapolated performance to 500 MHz and compliance to Category 6A/Class EA channel specifications are some of the key elements of the GigaSPEED X10D Solutions.
    The GigaSPEED X10D UTP Solution
    CommScope, through its SYSTIMAX brand, is recognized worldwide for its relentless drive to provide the world's most robust, responsive and reliable network infrastructures. We're proud to continue that legacy with the latest innovation from CommScope Labs. The GigaSPEED X10D Solutions have been specifically engineered with enhanced cable and connector performance designed to support the emerging 10 Gigabit Ethernet requirements and in particular the new Category 6A/Class EA cabling specifications. Using patented technology and the scientific capabilities of CommScope Labs, we believe the GigaSPEED X10D Solutions exhibit far superior channel performance for legacy solutions, along with innovative engineering techniques to meet the specific demands 10 Gb/s brings to the physical layer. The GigaSPEED X10D Solutions deliver next generation support by giving users nearly double the bandwidth of today's Category 6 cabling channel and real-world performance in worst-case installation conditions.
    Cabling Solution Selection
    The GigaSPEED X10D UTP and FTP solutions exhibit the same key functional benefit - exceed the IEEE 802.3an 10GBASE-T cabling channel specifications, plus the TIA Category 6A and ISO/IEC Class EA specifications. The selection of cabling media, UTP or FTP, is dependent on factors such as performance, reliability, cost, environment, space consideration, ease of installation and use, and availability of good earthing/grounding points. Selection is a customer preference based on what is appropriate for the installation/environment. The GigaSPEED X10D UTP solution is recommended for the majority of installations and environments. It is a true globally portable solution and delivers performance in excess of the Category 6A/Class EA specifications, while remaining easy to install and maintain. The GigaSPEED X10D FTP solution addresses customer environments where there is preference for FTP cabling, and overcomes performance deficiencies that exist with traditional FTP solutions to deliver Category 6A/Class EA performance.
    Highlights from the Best Warranty in the Industry
  • The GigaSPEED X10D Solutions are backed by the SYSTIMAX Network Infrastructure Solutions 20-year Extended Product Warranty and Applications Assurance that we believe to be the best in the industry.
  • Our Application Assurance covers an extremely comprehensive suite of applications from voice, data and video applications to complex building management systems by some of the world's leading manufacturers.
  • We provide guaranteed channel performance specifications - not "average," not "nominal," as many companies state, but guaranteed worstcase channel performance - and we warrant that your certified SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED X10D Solutions will meet or exceed those specifications for 20 years.
  • The GigaSPEED X10D Solutions are so advanced that we can include support of 10GBASE-T and even applications that do not yet exist in the SYSTIMAX Network Infrastructure Solutions 20-Year Extended Product Warranty and Applications Assurance. Specifically, we will warrant any application introduced by recognized user standards or user forums that specify applicable ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 or ISO/IEC 11801 components and link/channel specifications for cabling.

    For more detailed information and the GigaSPEED X10D product components overview please refer to the GigaSPEED X10D UTP and FTP Solutions document.
    GigaSPEED X10D UTP and FTP Solutions
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