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Premium Level Solution

Described below is the Premium Level project of the fifteen-stored office center building, implemented by CSS. The drawings in the form of diagrams present the complex of technical security means.

The complex comprises an access control system, alarm system and CCTV.

Complex hardware is connected with the fire alarm system for the doors emergency opening in case of fire evacuation of the employees from the building.

The hardware resources of the complex are integrated by the "Alliance" software. High degree of integration of the complex allows to monitor in real time the events in access control and alarm systems, together with video data from the video surveillance systems, as well as to search in the video archives the events of access control and alarm systems.

Access control and alarm system are built hierarchically.

The systems kernel is the server with "Alliance" software installed.

The server is connected with the three panels of the ATS4099 central stations, which control the operation of four-doors ATS1255 controllers and ATS1201 alarm modules.

All the doors and turnstiles connected to the access control system are equipped with proximity card readers HID CORPORATION for entry and exit equipped with the keyboard to set a personal identification code, which increases the reliability of user identification and allows to implement the function of staff time accounting .

All access points are in the field of view of CCTV cameras and equipped with DD-455 sensors for space detecting of the alarm system. Thus, a single video information archive is sequentially marked with links to the events of access control and alarm systems.

Special attention while building the security complex was paid to the reliability of its component systems and their resilience. All the door controllers and the central panels are equipped with batteries for backup power supply. User databases of the access control system are distributed between the door controllers in such a way that a communication blackout with the central station does not cause the failure of the doors functioning.

Surveillance systems video cameras are powered by redundant power supplies and equipped with the infrared illumination searchlights required in case of the main office lighting shutoff.

Video data from theTIR-400 and KTA-F4-N2C cameras comes for processing and storage to the  SYMSAFE-P16-1.5TE DVRs which are connected through IP channels to the "Alliance" server. The project  provides the deployment of eight video monitors in the guard room for operational control of the situation in the office center premises.

Switching the camera to a monitor chosen is made with DIGIPLEX IV MATRIX video matrix and two KTD-405U remotes. Additionally, a mode is provided to automatically select a video channel for alarms from the access control and alarm systems.

Additional protection of the video information from loss and unauthorized access is achieved by storing it directly on the hard disks of the video recorders.

In the office center security posts there are three computers with the client-side software "Alliance" installed. Workstations are designed to monitor the current and alarm messages from the access control and alarm systems, presented in the form of a tape of events, either in the form of icons on the floor plans for the office center. Separate workstation is reserved for entering the new user’s data to the access control system, issuing the new proximity cards and applying to them new user’s pictures with the photo printer.

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