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Integrated control and security systems

In the realities of today's security systems market, there is a tendency to integrate heterogeneous systems to increase their scale and also for more close interaction of systems that were previously local and highly specialized. As a reaction to these trends, consolidation of various systems appears, which leads to unification of control and service functions within a single dispatching center (central monitoring console, control center). The information on the remote devices status transmitted by digital signals arriving  through various communication channels: Internet, GPRS, SMS, Call DATA arrives real-time and must be logged, backed up in case of failures and be protected from intentional cyber-attacks or viruses.

  Within the same security system of Customer’s site, one can combine almost all the desired functions: intrusion alarm, fire alarm, video surveillance system, access control, etc. There are many software solutions for these kinds of systems in the domestic and foreign markets.

  Here is the example of implemented remote objects monitoring system based on Mirage-Professional equipment manufactured by SPE "Stels" (Tomsk,

  Signals from remote objects come in digital form to the security monitoring console, implemented on the basis of a server (a productive PC) with the deployed software package of the "Stemax" monitoring station.It's possible to receive the alarm signals through various communication channels: SMS, Internet, GPRS, CSD (CALL DATA). All signals are logged and stored in a database that's backed up regularly. The server can be reserved on a hot-swap basis. Access to the program is protected with a password with configurable rights and allows you to connect to a remote computer (the number of connections is unlimited), configured to communicate with the server. The program lets you to configure a Quick reaction group mobile terminals based on the Android OS with automatic alarm notifications, with complete information about the security object and topological location on the map. Operators and guards of the Quick reaction group receive a fully computerized system with a powerful card-index object’s info and events dispatching.
You can see the user's manual to "Stemax" monitoring station here.

  In the set of object equipment there is a large assortment of radio sensors and annunciators integrated with Mirage-Professional GSM-controllers. In principle, there are two types of systems to choose:

1) Inexpensive classical version: Ladoga-RK radio system, which includes the following components:

- Ladoga MK-RK
Door magnet intrusion radio sensor.

- Foton-12-RK
Optical-electronic intrusion radio channel sensor with volume zone covering. Intended for intrusion detection into the guarded enclosed space.

- Foton-19-RK
Optical-electronic intrusion radio-channel sensor with noise immunity from pets up to 20 kg. Designed to detect intrusions in a protected enclosed space.

- Foton-SH2 -RK
Optical-electronic safeguard radio channel sensor, mounting height 2,5–5 m, “curtain” with horizontal angle 90o. Intended for intrusion detection into the guarded enclosed space through doorways and window openings.

- Glass-3-RK
Radio channel glass breaking sensor. Intended for breaking detection of all types of glass constructions: normal, strained, veiny, reinforced, multilayer and laminated, and also of double-glass panes and glass hollow units.

- Ladoga-PD-RK
Smoke detection radio channel sensor. Intended for ignition detection with smoke.

- ST3-RK (2 DZ-ZV)
Waterflood radio channel alarm sensor. Intended for water leakage detection.

- Zvon-RK
Radio channel glass breaking sensor, two zones/loops with alarm radial loop control. Intended for all types of glasses destruction detection.

- Trubach-RK
Sound radio channel annunciator. Intended for sound warning.

- Gran-RK
Guard inertial radio channel sensor.

Basic features:
- guaranteed distance for radio channel at the open space – 500 meters.
- guaranteed life time of the unit from 1 battery – 5 years.
- guaranteed radio system density at the object – 32 radio sensors.

2) Business-class: new radio system Stemax Livi, which includes the following components:

•    RFID Reader Livi RFID
•    Resource consumption sensor Livi RC
•    Leakage sensor Livi LS
•    Motion sensor Livi MS
•    Fire sensor Livi FS
•    Contact sensor Livi CS

Basic features:
•    Guaranteed distance for radio channel functioning at the open area – up to 1 km
•    Guaranteed live time of the unit from 1 battery – 10 years.
•    Guaranteed radio system density on site - 64 radio sensors/zones.

  On the applicability of the equipment of SPE Stels (НПП Стелс):
The equipment series Mirage-Private and Mirage-Professional are designed for remote protection and monitoring systems with high requirements for reliability and fault tolerance, while the cost of similar imported equipment is at least 2 times higher. Integrated devices of domestic production Mirage-Professional have a good reputation and wide distribution because of its relatively low cost and proven performance. All devices are easily configured through a mobile network without the need for physical presence at a remote site. An important advantage for our customers is the warranty support of all installed systems within 1 year after the delivery of the facility. The terms of post-warranty maintenance of already installed systems can be clarified from our managers on request.

  For more information about the architecture of integrated security systems and monitoring systems, please contact our Security Systems Department or by e-mail

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