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Gigabit Ethernet is already making its way to employees' desktops. Smart IT departments recognize the critical need to be prepared for the explosion of bandwidth absorbing applications. The inevitable convergence of voice and video over IP based networks, visual collaboration at the desktop not the conference room, transparent intra-office mobility and the desire, proliferation and eventual need for real-time streaming visual content is quickly ushering in the digital decade.
The good news is that the cabling technologies required to advance network performance are already available. CommScope has a complete integrated portfolio of copper and fiber solutions for the desktop and the building or campus backbone. Multiple choices and flexible options that deliver communications throughput and reliability to help every business handle today's pressures and tomorrow's challenges.
Every organization has its own route to a more efficient and profitable future. Factors including size, business sector, investment policy and legacy systems combine to determine what network infrastructure will best fit the business requirement. That is why the SYSTIMAX portfolio has more than one fiber cabling solution. These options offer complete, single source, end-to-end solutions created by the best engineers from CommScope Labs. CommScope, through its SYSTIMAX brand, can support most networking requirements with a complete line of patch panels, shelves and jumper configurations utilizing the global standard accepted ST and SC connectors, as well as the industry-leading small form factor connector of choice for 1 Gb/s and above - the LC. In addition, there is a full array of cable designs for indoor, indoor/outdoor and outside plant as well as composite configurations.
SYSTIMAX LazrSPEED Solution boosts performance to a blistering 10 Gb/s while reducing costs by eliminating expensive opto-electronics previously needed to achieve 10 Gb/s speeds on multimode fiber. The SYSTIMAX LazrSPEED technology was the world's first multimode fiberoptic solution to support 10 Gb/s serial transmission at 850 nanometers at distances up to 550 meters - more than enough to connect an in-building backbone. With this extended reach, single point administration topology becomes a real low cost design alternative and more campus backbones can be supported at 10 Gb/s over a much lower cost multimode alternative to single-mode. Laser-optimized multimode fiber provides an ideal pathway for photon travel. The additional bandwidth and larger core size of these fibers virtually eliminates the need for expensive, high-precision lasers, combiners, splitters, and filters. LazrSPEED fibers can transmit at 10 Gb/s using only a single VCSEL transceiver. The result has been shown to reduce total cost of ownership up to 30 percent over conventional fibers requiring a specific complex generation of opto-electronics, and multiple operational wavelengths. Laser-optimized multimode fiber in the LazrSPEED cable minimizes differential mode delay (DMD), ensuring that photons traveling along various pathways arrive at the detector at the right time. By minimizing this form of dispersion, LazrSPEED technology enables high-speed, high reliability transmission over distances of hundreds of meters with added insurance of optimal operation using multiple commercially available short wave laser sources.
The CommScope Labs legacy of innovation includes the pioneering development of DMD fiber characterization and its subsequent global standards acceptance. This breakthrough leadership is recognized by UL with the prestigious DMD test facility accreditation.
To further reduce total cost of ownership, the LazrSPEED Solution is backward compatible with legacy LAN applications. It allows you to continue running your existing applications from 10 Kb/s to 10 Gb/s. (Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, FDDI, ATM, SONET, Fiber Channel and Token Ring).
The LazrSPEED Solution offers 3 fiber choices:
  • LazrSPEED 150 for economical fiber-to the- desk deployment, supporting 10 Gb/s for 150 meters and 1 Gb/s for up to 800 meters
  • LazrSPEED 300 for building backbone applications supporting 10 Gb/s for 300 meters and 1 Gb/s for up to 1000 meters
  • LazrSPEED 550 for short / medium campus backbone applications supporting 10 Gb/s for 550 meters and 1 Gb/s for up to 1100 meters.

    SYSTIMAX OptiSPEED Solution continues to address the 62.5 µm multimode installed base, i.e. existing networks which require change or significant extensions. In addition, it focuses on small to medium sized organizations with moderate bandwidth requirements running LED based applications. Our SYSTIMAX OptiSPEED Solution delivers certified 1 Gb/s performance with 6 LC connections for distances up to 300 meters (1000BASE-SX) or 550 meters (1000BASELX).
    That's four more connections per channel over the standards specifications for enhanced flexibility. And due to increased port density, the LC connector saves space and simplifies administration by dramatically reducing closet and floor space requirements. Designed by CommScope Labs, our 200 multimode fiber provides 25 percent more bandwidth than industry-standard 160 fiber.
    The performance of CommScope fiber technology keeps you competitive with a rock-solid quality that your business can rely on through design innovations that can save you money from the first day your SYSTIMAX fiber solution is installed.
    SYSTIMAX TeraSPEED Solution and zero water peak single-mode (ZWP-SM) fiber is designed to cost-effectively future-proof enterprise and metro campus backbones for next generation equipment. Conventional single-mode fiber has until now been perceived as a universal media with unlimited bandwidth. Conventional single-mode fiber is however limited to operation in two narrow wavelength "windows" at 1310 nm and 1550 nm. Laser operation in between those windows is precluded due to the high attenuation "water peak" that occurs in the 1400 nm region with traditional manufacturing methods.
    SYSTIMAX TeraSPEED ZWP-SM fiber is designed to operate over the entire wavelength range from 1280 nm to 1625 nm - removing the water peaks (high attenuation) in the 1400 nm window - increasing the useable wavelength range over conventional single-mode fiber by more than 50%. By utilizing the expanded available wavelengths, TeraSPEED full spectrum fiber delivers a cost-effective upgrade path allowing up to 16 channels of CWDM (Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing), the best value option to pack more channels on a single fiber, and up to 400 channels of DWDM (Dense Wave Division Multiplexing). In addition, this full spectrum fiber provides customers with future proofing options: if optical electronics move to higher serial speeds or shift to an increased number of wavelengths, TeraSPEED fiber provides support for both. TeraSPEED fiber cables are ITU-T G.652.D compliant and support legacy transport equipment and applications. With bandwidth requirements continuing to grow at exponential rates, the TeraSPEED Solution provides future proof choices for customers by supporting enterprise campus and metro backbone migrations to higher speeds either serially or via multiple wavelengths. The SYSTIMAX TeraSPEED ZWP-SM Solution follows the success of the SYSTIMAX LazrSPEED Solution, which overcame the limitations of conventional multimode fiber to offer support for the best value 10 Gb/s option up to 550 meters for the enterprise building backbones.
    By overcoming the water peak limitations of conventional single-mode fiber, the TeraSPEED ZWP-SM fiber solution once again demonstrates CommScope Labs' commitment to delivering optical media solutions for cost effective future-proofing.
    SYSTIMAX Solutions are backed by an industry leading 20-year extended Product Warranty and Applications Assurance. The SYSTIMAX Applications Assurance covers applications ranging from voice, video, and data to sophisticated building management systems.
    The SYSTIMAX Applications Assurance guarantees supportable distances for critical fiber applications. Supportable distances for applications ranging from 10 Mb/s to 10 Gb/s are fully documented in the industry's most comprehensive Performance Specification, and are further detailed as a function of cable length, connector and splice losses, promoting maximum flexibility of network configuration.
    The Applications Assurance also covers future applications introduced by recognized standards bodies and user forums that specify ANSI/TIA-568-C.3 or ISO/IEC 11801 components and link/channel specifications for cabling.
    Please refer to the SYSTIMAX Fiber Solutions Brochure for more extended information.
    Fiber Brochure
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